‘elf and safety.

Health and Safety! (no don’t switch off – keep reading!)


There’s no getting away from it, it’s a dull topic that most workers wince at. It’s time consuming and costly.

BUT money and time is irrelevant, when you look at the hard facts and figures it’s scary.  43 people in 2015/2016 died on a construction site, a figure that is increasing not decreasing every year.

Charles Hill Garden Services Ltd is committed to it’s fantastic team. Andy, Sean, Jake, Shane, Robin, Charles, plus temporary staff and sub-contractors, all deserve the employers duty of care; so it’s a topic we are prepared to take very seriously.

Every year the lads complete a confidential medical questionnaire as well as read and sign a general health and safety statement to re-cap on. PPE (personal protection equipment) is reviewed and refreshed annually.  Now, this isn’t to say that Health and Safety is only an annual thing!  Throughout the year, behind the scenes, things are constantly going on to protect people.  All our lads have first aid certificates. Risk Assessments and Method Statements are generated for jobs.  Working at height courses are on the go and even this week Charles and Robin will be taking an exam and re-caping their digger driving licenses. (will let you know in the next blog if they pass!)

Health and Safety is not a separate boring paper work exercise.  It’s running though the centre of our company, keeping employees and customers safe.


Life is short enough without risking lifes at work.