Get ready for Spring

Top tips from Charles on what you can be doing next month in your garden (or alternatively ignore the following, put the kettle on and let us do it for you!)

  • Fix fences: Before your beautiful plants start rearing their heads, now is a good time to walk across your garden borders to fix fences, gates and trellis’s.
  • Install water butts: An environmentally friendly and easy way to collect water for your plants. Rain water is better too as tap water can be alkaline. For maximum results make sure your water butt is positioned under a down pipe.
  • Clean your green house: For those lucky enough to have a greenhouse, now is the time to give them a new lease of life. Very soon it will be full of trays and seedlings so whilst it’s still clear use garden disinfectant and hot water to wipe down inside and out. Remove all pests now before they begin to eat all your hard work in a few weeks time!
  • Clear your flower beds and borders: Cut back old dead growth, Remove debris from your lawn and ponds too.

Give a huge sigh of relief for longer days and warmer weather will be on their way soon!