It’s freezing out here!

Hopefully by now you’re thinking of over wintering your frost shy plants.  Anything remotely, ‘tropical’ will hate the frost. For example in our garden, our tree fern is packed with straw around the froze and fleeced up.  In the real depths of winter it’s even brought into my dining room! Ah, the joys of being a gardeners wife!!

You don’t need a fancy large green house to over winter your delicate plants – (although lucky you if you do have one!) but anything in pots can be transferred into the house, a solid dry shed or garage.  Alternatively if things are too big to move or you are unable to transfer them then we ‘fleece’ our larger plants.  However, if left out side there isn’t a guaranteed way of saving plants from the very cold.  As Charles says, they have two options!

Give us a call if you’d like us to fleece up your plants!! 07773723236