“Oh no! Not that stuff!”

“Oh no, not that stuff!” Was my reaction when asked by a customer over 5 years ago to ‘install’ artificial turf to their back garden. I’m a landscape gardener, how insulting to be asked to lay a plastic carpet! I couldn’t imagine it, no wildlife in the grass, no worms or insects; how awful for biodiversity. Constant ‘turf burn’ when you fall over, too hot to walk on in extreme heat in the summer months (ok, maybe not that problem in the UK!) Plus the up-front cost to install, seemed to me, absolutely crazy.

HOWEVER, 5 years on and two children and a dog later, to my shame, i’m beginning to see the attraction! Straight up no maintenance, a new lifestyle. In a busy world, where the last thing we have time for at the weekend is mowing and watering, artificial grass is ideal. It’s great for elderly people too who cant physically care for their lawn anymore but want something softer than a patio. Dogs can’t dig it up – imagine, no muddy puddles in the winter = no paws in the house! Amazing. No cost for a mower, or a water bill after watering the lawn for the 5th time that week to make it look as nice as the neighbours!

So i have come to accept that there are big advantages of artificial lawn and i will no longer roll my eyes if you request it! But would i ever swap my labour-intensive lawn for a fake one? Never. I will forever be the watering, cutting and pulling out weeds type. Mini-beasts are safe in my garden.