Proud Sponsors of Stewkley Football Team.

Supporting the community is key for us


Autumn is a wonderful time in the garden – the trees are changing, conker picking is on the list of activities and pumpkins are nearly ready.  But in our household, football season is also on the agenda!…..


Every year Charles Hill Garden Services supports a new charity and gives back a “thank you” in some way for the continued support we receive from our customers.

Company ethos

We have four key areas in our business ethos which have remained the same for the passed 12 years. “dedication, personal, conscientious and time”.  Focusing specifically on personal; we run a family business, have a young family and employ local people. These blogs are part of being ‘personal’ and putting a face behind the brand, but it also means we need to personally get involved in supporting local charities and be a presence in our community to help others.

Our four year old boy is football mad! So we thought it made sense that this years charity choice was our local junior football team. The team is run by two Dads in the village, both busy police officers, creating a wonderful opportunity for young girls and guys to have a safe outlet in the community.  We can not claim any of the glory; these Dads are awesome.