Looking a head to the winter – first post for the website.

(from the not so green fingered wife; but with the guidance of a green fingered husband!)


Its hard to believe that as i write this in the sweltering heat of August that i’m already thinking ahead to winter.  No sooner has summer arrived that gardeners are already getting prepared for the next season.  i find it’s a bit like close shopping; no sooner have you just got round to buying the summer ‘must-haves’ and you’ve squeezed once again into your old summer clothes, the sale are on and you’re already out of fashion! So I’m sorry if  talking about winter depress you, but if we treat gardening like shopping, then it should become clear!

There is hope however!  If you’re an organised person, you will be pleased to know you can pre-order your winter bedding.  This is a great tip to cut back on price as often deals can be easily found. We can advice you on what plants may suit your soil and of course we can organise the plants for you as well as plant them in when the time is right.