The father behind the company name.

Father’s Day interview.  

So how did you get into landscaping?

Spending time with my Grandfather in his garden.  My Gran still has a wonderful garden and I enjoy walking around it with her.  She’s 90 now and very knowledgable. If I have any planting queries she’s the lady I call! 

Why start your own business?

My wife would say i’m unemployable!  Starting your own business is full on and demands so much of me that on a bad day I ask myself why!?  But we spend most of our time working don’t we? So I decided I wanted to love what I did, and mostly that’s working out for me!  Having my own company is very satisfying, great therapy and gives me the opportunity to be in control of my love of the outdoors.  I’m fortunate that I’ve hired people that also share this passion, I couldn’t work on this scale without them. We have a great team; I’m very proud of my lads.  

Thinking ahead to Father’s day; you have two children, a four year old son and a two year old daughter, how do you manage business and fatherhood?

I try most days to be home for bath time.  It doesn’t always work that way, but that’s my aim. I work less Saturdays now the children are here and I never work Sundays.  Sunday is strictly a family day…  And we love our family holidays – Cornwall is a favourite hotspot for us, for the dog too! 

Where next for you, your company and your team of employees?

Maintain our customer base and our local reputation.  It takes a while to get a good name and I’m going to do everything in my power to keep it that way. For my lads, I want to create more opportunities for them to lead their own sites.  They’re enthusiastic and I want to keep them keen.