Welcome to the team Lewis.

Officially a Charles Hill Garden Services team member!     

Lewis has worked for us a for a few months as a sub-contractor.

“We’ve been dropping hints about taking on Lewis full time since he first stepped on site!  I knew he was going to be another key player for the landscape side of the company.  I’m just pleased he liked us enough to say he’d join us full time!” Charles.


Lewis has been thrown in the deep end working on sites for Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council creating landscape community gardens, designed by Charles, as well as complete landscapes for residential customers.

Lewis is committed to every job he comes across without hesitation; friendly and polite to everyone and wiling to learn.  Perfect combination for us.

Thank you Lewis for everything you’ve done so far – if you can stick with us in this British ‘summer weather’ then you’ll go far! Can’t wait to see you grow in the company.