What’s your fuchsia?

What’s your fuchsia?

This spring plan your future garden and now’s the time to see what changes you’d like to make. Walk around your outdoor space and make mental notes, realistic goals and dream goals it doesn’t matter.  We can help you with these plans.


Happy with your garden? Fantastic, then the order of the day is prep, prep and more prep.
Cut back shrubs and see what you’ve got growing through – snowdrops and daffodils will be colouring your borders now and are the first positive signs of change in the garden we all love. Empty out compost bins and spread them on the soil.

If you feel a grass cut is required, mow on a dry day on a high setting. Avoid walking on wet muddy grass to give it a chance to repair and dry out.. (our children and dog don’t seem to get these memo’s!)

Still keep all bird feeders topped up, especially after the harsh cold weather we’ve just had, and wash the feeders inbetween filling them to avoid diseases. If possible, move the feeders around the garden to avoid a build up of bird poop in one place!

Start feeding your fish, and pond fountains can now be switched back on – some pond heaters can now be removed depending on the type of fish.

The best part of this time of year is that you can now begin to ‘open’ your garden ready for the school Easter holidays if you have children. Get the garden furniture out and ask the children to help you wash it down. While the children are in the washing zone ask them to clean their own bikes and other outdoor toys.; they’ll love this activity with warm soapy water and their own cloth. Empty and re-fresh sandpit areas, making sure that these are checked thoroughly from visiting cats and other animals.

The spell of winter is nearly over and spring is on her way… I promise!