Why bother gardening in the Autumn?

What is there to do in the garden this time of year anyway?

pumpkin 3

Well, the answer is lots! Just because summer is over and autumn is well and truly upon us, doesn’t mean gardening comes to an end.  In fact, quite the opposite.

It’s time to have a good sort out and a clear up – a spring clean in autumn if you like!

My to-do list! 

The most obvious thing to begin with is pruning trees, bushes, shrubs, hedges and herbaceous perennials before the harsher weather sets in.  In fact, be brave, and give them a good hair cut!  Shrubs start drawing their sap back to their roots so now is the time to cut them down.  Both Shrubs and bushes can be cut back to a quarter of their size without doing them any harm so don’t worry.

The good news is, the growth of those dreaded weeds will slow down, but they won’t stop growing altogether I’m afraid! So continue to keep the boarders tidy. In fact on the topic of boarders, add some nutrients back into your boarders by adding manure and giving them some fresh compost if they’ve dipped over the year, your plants will be very grateful to you!

The lawn needs some TLC like any other living plant in your garden, so be sure you make time for it as it’s often the biggest feature you have. Leaves in particular need to be picked up this time of year as they will stop sunlight getting to the grass; moss can set in causing damp and ultimately dead patches. Yuk! However, those of you amongst us who dread the leaves falling and hate sweeping them up, well there is justification for leaving (some) of them on the floor! Wildlife. Spiders, bugs and beetles love living amongst logs and dead ground cover.  In fact an easy way to tidy up the leaves and keep the bugs happy at the same time, is to mow up the leaves and tip the shredding onto your flower border. Mow your grass for the last time at the end of October, latest beginning of November, and no shorter than 5 cm just in case we have unexpected ground frost.  Turfing new lawn and sowing grass seeds should be done now if needed.

And if you’re anything like Charles who has spent time caring and nurturing the growth of your beloved pot plants, roses and other weather sensitive plants over the year, now is the time to wrap them up and tuck them in for the winter! Or, again like my darling husband, bring the most sensitive plants into your house for extra protection! Why not?! I’m sure your wife will love it just like me! Ahem…

My final recommendation on your to-do list, and it’s personally my favourite job of autumn gardening, is to start planting your spring bulbs.  A sign of hope that winter is over and gardening starts all over again!

So whatever your garden requires you to do this Autumn, we hope you enjoy it and the many celebrations coming up – Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving and Guy Fawkes Night over the coming month.

Oh and don’t forget to change your clocks back this weekend! (Sunday October 26th 2014 at 2am)